Monday, February 8, 2016

Speakers provide NPAC members with overview of response to homelessness in Seattle

Each NPAC meeting starts with guest speakers who provide information related to public safety, law enforcement, or other topic of interest to members. Over the last year, NPAC members have been expressing increasing concerns about homelessness in their communities including long-term parking among people who are living in their motor vehicles. During the February NPAC meeting, guest speakers provided information about the homelessness state of emergency declared by Mayor Murray and King County Executive Constantine and briefly discussed what community members can do to advocate for solutions.

Meeting minutes provide an summary of the information shared by Alison Eisinger from the King County Coalition on Homelessness and Catherine Lester from the Seattle Human Services Department. Later in the week, the City Council Human Services and Public Health Committee was briefed about the state of emergency. The briefing may be viewed online

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